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by Kristen Marchant

Here is a typical Tuesday for me this winter- I’d make a video but I’m technologically challenged. Full disclosure- Tuesday’s are generally my hardest days since I have intervals in both the bike and run sessions.

6:40am- alarm goes off- I hit snooze

6:45am- ditto

6:50- I get up

7-8am- coffee time. An essential task that must be completed before I become functional- I use this time to catch up on e-mails.

8-10:30- bike workout. Today was 2x20min + 2x10min, all in zone 4. It’s tough. bike clipart

11:30-1:30- swim session. An aerobic swim, getting in lots of volume, working on technique, but not too hard.swimming clipart 1

1:50-3:10- 50min run workout followed by 30min on the stairmaster. Indoors of course, because I am a wimp (and it was snowing like crazy). Today was 4x2min + 4x1min + 4x30sec, all at 3km race pace or faster. My legs have proven to be quite breakable so I am keeping the run workouts short and supplemented with cross training.run clipart 09

3:15-4:30- strength program + core. The strength program that I do three days a week consists of a lot of run-specific movements, using a stability ball, bosu ball, resistance bands and cords, and a few dumbbells. This is not overly taxing, but it is important to do the movements correctly.

5:15- 8:30pm- Completing necessary tasks such as shovelling the snow, answering e-mails, eating dinner, and a little extra foam rolling to make sure I’m good to go tomorrow.

8:30pm- in bed with a book- currently reading Burn, by James Patterson.

9:15pm- lights out.


#livingthedream :)