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by Kristen Marchant


So this past week I picked up my new bike from Neworld Cycle in Burlington. A little back story that some may know- I had a Cervelo P3 for a couple years and took it down to Tucson in a hard case bike box for reading week last year. Coming back the TSA opened it to inspect it and did not shut it properly. Given that hard case bike boxes are used as the base for stacking other people’s luggage, this was not a good thing as the wheels shifted in the box, and then with the weight on top of it the frame cracked and was not repairable. I will definitely never use a hard-case ever again. Thankfully, my dad had put the P3 on the home insurance policy and therefore the insurance company would reimburse the cost of the original P3 towards the purchase of a new bike. So if you haven’t insured your bike- I highly recommend it!

I loved my P3 so there wasn’t much debate as to what I wanted to get. With finances still being a constraint, the P3 has numerous factors that I like that fit in the budget. (just to dispel a common myth- many age-group athletes seem to think that as soon as you are a pro you can get a bike sponsorship- it is in fact very hard to get a bike sponsorship and the majority of pros who are not the top of the top are not sponsored on their bikes).

brakesp3 Many bikes these days come with hidden brakes- brakes that are within the frame and therefore extremely close to the wheels and require an allan-key to adjust them. This is designed to be more aerodynamic, which of course it is, but half a second (or less) in 90km is not something I am going to look for given all the grief they gave me on the Louis Garneau bike I was riding. 80% of the time the brakes would rub my wheels, which I am sure costed me time in the race (instead of saving me time as they are intended to). The P3 has the traditional brakes that are easy to deal with. The Cervelo frame is extremely light (like extremely light), and the most important factor of all- I feel comfortable on it. I have only ridden it once and it is now on its way to Tucson, but immediately I felt comfortable on it and will only make a slight adjustment to the aero bars. Sadly, I have given up the electronic shifting (which would cost another $1000 to get), but I think that I will survive. Neworld Cycle assisted with the remaining dollars owed to get the bike so huge thanks to them and I am really looking forward to putting some fast miles in on my new steed. :)