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by Taylor Reid

This is the second installment of my TaylorTime brand and some history about why I have chose certain images and appearances to build myself around.

Appearances are important in all aspects of life, if you are going in for an interview, working at a job or a professional athlete. They are part of your image. As a professional triathlete my image is also my brand. Last time I talked about why I have chosen to have Mohawk as a hair cut. http://taylorreid.blogspot.ca/2016/08/history-of-mohawk.html  

This time I am going to look at what the Wolf represents in my life and why I have chosen it.

First of I am diffidently and animal. I like pretty much every animal even though I am allergic to a few of them … Cats! As a kid I loved watching the educational programs about wild life, especial Kratts Creatures. I really took a liking to dogs and wolves. I am not really sure why. Just something about how they work together and how we view them as strong and spiritual animals. There are a lot of sayings built up around wolves especial the ‘lone wolf’. This was reconfirmed after I read the book Once a Runner - it is a must read. The one line that clicked with me was ‘the lone wolf leads the pack’.

As I grew older I started drawing a few different designs of wolves. I found I really liked a couple that I had put together. I told myself if I ever ran under 15min for 5km I would get a tattoo of one. I finally did that on the Track with Andrew Yorke and Lionel Sanders in 2012. We set up a twilight time trial on the track with our cross-country coaches Paula, Rory and Pete all present. We traded the lead every lap for the first 12 laps and in the final 2000m it was every man for themselves. I just snuck under with a time of 14:57. I am pretty sure that was the first time Lionel had spiked up in years- his caves were wrecked.

It took me a couple more years until I was fully satisfied with how the tattoo looked and finally I got it emblazoned on my leg. Andrew and John Rasmussen came a long. Pretty much right after Andrew was in the chair getting his own tattoo.

After that I started placing the wolf on different things like my helmet and my desk. I really started embody my ‘animal sprit’. Other University cross-country teams started identifying me by the tattoo. Say, ‘There is one of McMasters top runners the one with the wolf Tattoo.’ As I started to build my own brand in the triathlon world it was easy to center it around the wolf.

It really embodied the true mindset of fighting no matter what happens out there and even if I am the under dog my real sprit is a fighting wolf.

Expect to see more and more of the wolf as I develop as a Triathlete.