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Taylor's Race Report

Last week I made a trip to Miami this is the third time I have raced here. It was the second 70.3 race I ever did and the first course I broke 4 hours on. So it has a little more of a personal connection to me than other races.

Downtown Miami is an interesting place to try and train. Luckily I had an understanding of the area and knew where to go do my biking and swimming. It was a little cooler than usual the day of the race, which was very nice since Miami can get really hot and sticky.

I had one of my best swims ever at this race. I never felt out of control and was with in reach of the leaders for the whole swim. It was the first time I have been able to see the lead paddler throughout the whole swim course. Even with the swim being long I exited the water just over 30 seconds down from the leader. I was able to have a very clean start that set me up in a good position around the first corner. With 55 pro men in the race it was very similar to the large groups of swimmers in ITU races. I was able to stay very relaxed for most of the swim and make moves when I needed to. Only on the last 300m did I start to feel labored. This definitely was a first for me and I look forward to repeating it.

I jumped onto the bike in about 11th place. I was in a position I have not been in before being so close to the lead swimmer. I was able to see the lead group and knew that I needed to try and make my way up to them. That is were the medals were and I needed to be there. I pushed into a biking zone that I have not gone before and rode one of my fastest times if not the fastest. But I still was not able to bridge the gap.

I entered into the run in 8th place and was just was not able to get my run legs going. I lost a couple of positions after a hard fought run and finished in 10th. It was not the result I was looking for but I will move onto the next one.

Next up will be 70.3 Austin on Oct 30. This will be the first time I have tried to race two 70.3 one week apart.


Kristen's Race Report

After having been injured for the past few months I was excited to head to Miami to get one last race in. I travelled Thursday and being out on my bike Friday I was extremely excited- the sun was shining, the roads are spectacular, and the weather was relatively cool. Unfortunately I woke up Saturday and headed straight to the bathroom to throw up. This set the tone for the entire day- I could not eat or drink anything without being sick minutes later. When I was still feeling dreadful at 7pm I e-mailed Barrie in a panic- do i race? what do i do? He assured me the world would not end if i was too sick to race, but to take things one at a time in the morning. I literally could not believe this was happening- i just wanted to wake up from the nightmare.

Sunday morning did not bring much change, although having not eaten it meant i wasn't heaving my guts up. It was not until 90minutes to race start that i decided to ride my bike down to the start and do the swim. One thing at a time. 

With almost 40 women in the field it was a big pack to start with, but things splintered pretty quickly. I felt like I was moving in slow motion and knew I was not in the pack I should be in, but I had three others to keep me company so I focused on staying with them. I was 4+ minutes down from the leaders when it should have normally been 2-2.5min. Onto the bike it was again like my body was moving in slow motion. By 40km I could not wait to get back to T2. My stomach was cramping so I had to keep getting out of the aero bars to let it settle down. About 55km in a fellow Ontario pro, Miranda Tomensen passed me and I knew that the best way to stay focused was to sit behind her (at 12m). I did this all the way back to T2 where I dismounted and walked through transition to the bike rack. I spent a couple minutes there looking at my bike and my running shoes while I drank a bottle of water. Eventually I decided I would try to run one mile and see how it went. This was the theme of the run- just one mile at a time, one aid station at a time. No matter how bad I felt, a DNF feels worse, so I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I got the the finish line- exhausted, dizzy and still feeling disbelief that this is how my season ended. It has been a rough year.