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Down here is California we have been getting some very stormy weather with a lot of days of heavy rain. It has led to a lot of flooding and some cooler day about 2-14c very similar too spring and fall weather up in Canada. Or I guess a couple of days in the winter now from what I have heard. I thought it would be fun to run throw in some ways to stay warm when you just have to get outside on those cool and wet days.

The most important thing to do on days like these is to stay as dry as you can and layer up. When you are going out for your bike ride it is really important to bring a rain jacket with you. You never know when you might ride into some bad weather.

Keeping your head and hands covered is the easiest way to stay warmer and more comfortable running and biking.

A slightly more unconventional technique is to put hot tea into your water bottles- this will keep you warm and help to fight off colds. I like peppermint and ginger tea when I am riding. I have even taken warm tea to some of the outdoor swims when the weather is bad. I have heard that some of the pro cyclo-cross racers even pour the hot tea on themselves to warm up but they have an endless supply of hot tea from their support team. So I would not suggest doing this on your long ride.

Make sure you get warm right away after you get home from your workout. A hot shower usually does the trick.

When you get back from those wet days also remember to dry out your shoes properly. It is no fun putting on a wet pair of shoes the next day.