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12 days of Christmas Track Workout

12 Days of Christmas Track Workout

One way to keep things interesting throughout the year is to do special ‘themed’ workouts at certain times of the year. With Christmas approaching it seemed appropriate to share a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ workout that you can take to the track.

Given the unseasonably (and awesome) warm temperatures that have stayed with us so far, this workout can be done outside as well if there is a loop or out-and-back section that you would like to run on. The added bonus of this workout is that it incorporates the strength work that we all know we should be doing, but don’t always do.

The premise of the workout is that you run for a certain time or distance in between each set of strength exercises, doing the ‘first day of Christmas’ after the first bit of running, then the second and the first, and so on and so forth. If doing this with a group it may be more practical to set a time (eg. 4 minutes of running) so that everyone is back at the same spot for the strength work at the same time. If using 4 minutes, that means 48 minutes of total running plus your strength work- a great workout!


Here are the ‘12 days’:

1- 30 sec plank

2- reverse lunges (2 each leg)

3- squat jumps

4- v-ups

5- walking lunges (5 each leg)

6- mountain climbers

7- hip raises

8- supermans

9- pushups

10- burpees

11-sit ups to knees

12- jumping jacks

I think most people will know the majority of these exercises, but for clarification on days 7 and 8: 

hip raises

                       Hip Raises