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Join Olympic Coach Barrie Shepley & C3 Volunteers & High-Performance Team for the 17th Annual Caledon C3 Kinetico Kids of Steel & Adult Pool Triathlon on Sunday, May 28th at the Mayfield Swim Complex. When Barrie returned from the Sydney Olympics 17 years ago, the C3 organization decided to start a Kids of Steel Triathlon to honour Simon Whitfield’s gold medal performance. Over the years near 15,000 boys and girls of all ages have crossed the finishing line in Caledon and received the same medal Simon got in his first race 30+ years ago. A decade ago, C3 added in the very popular Adult Pool Division. Adults go 400m swim - 15km bike and 5km run. The adult waves go first thing in the morning and help the C3 volunteers ensure the course and details are perfect for the younger kids that go later in the day. The entire event is a big family day and we encourage you to bring your entire family out and participate in some fashion.

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DATE: Sunday, May 28th, 2017

LOCATION: Mayfield Swimming Pool and Arena Complex

TIMING: Please check details for your estimated wave start times. The event goes from 7:30-5pm.

OBJECTIVE: To have a fun active day and introduce your entire family to multisport and triathlon.

AGE RANGE; 3-6 age category (youngest) all the way to 70+ adults
Your age is based on how old you are Dec 31st, 2017

Distances & Age Groups


Age Group Swim Bike Run Estimated
Wave Start
Award Time
3-6 yr (non-timed) 1 length parking lot 200m  12:00pm at finish line
7 and under 50m 1.5km 500m 1:15pm  2:30pm 
8-9 100m 3km 1km 1:40am  3:00pm 
10-11 200m 3km 2km 11:00am  1:15pm 
12-13 300m 9km 3km 10:00am  11:45am 
14-15 400m 9km 4km 9:40am  11:30am 
16-19 400m 15km 5km 9:00am  10:30am 
20+ 400m 15km 5km 8:00am  10:00am 









* Estimated start times.  Organizers will send out a newsletter 2 days before the race fine-tuning wave start times based on the number of total participants in each category.  Times noted above are a rough estimate of times.  Note that participants should arrive roughly 1hr before their races begin to give time to pick up race kit, body mark and be ready for your swim wave

Course Details

Swim: The entire swim is in a warm new 25m x six lane swimming pool at Mayfield. Waves will have 2-3 participants per lane and there will be lap counters.

Bike: The bike is a 3km, flat road that is 100% closed to traffic. Athletes will do 1-5 loops of the 3km bike loop to do your proper bike race distance. The only exception is the 7 & under timed will do half a loop on the road for 1.5km and the 3-6 year old non-timed kids will stay 100% on the parking lot of the race venue. Helmets and working bikes are required for all participants.

Run: The run is a 1km loop on the grass and on the 400m track at the venue. Each lap athletes will come back near the finishing line before heading out again. The only exceptions are the 7 & under timed who will do a smaller run loop to accomplish a 500m run distance and the 3-6 year olds will run from their bikes directly to the finishing line (i.e.. 200m).

GOODIES: Every participant’s race entry will include:

  • Race T-shirt & finishers medal
  • Timed race and results
  • Safe - fair - fun event
  • Post race food
  • Opportunity to win draw prizes and post race top 3 awards

RELAY TEAM: You can do the event as a relay team. One swimmer, one biker, and one runner.
Note that you go in the category of the oldest person on the team.

RACE ADDRESS: 5000 Mayfield Rd, Caledon East, ON L7C 0Z5

QUESTIONS: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 3-6 non timed $25.00
  • 7-19 year olds $40.00
  • 20+ adults $45.00
  • Relay Teams $80.00

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Kids Of Steel 8-9
Kids Of Steel 6-7
Kids Of Steel 10-11
Kids Of Steel 12-13
Kids Of Steel 14-15
Kids Of Steel 16-19
Adult Triathlon Relay