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Lional wins

Racine 70.3- by Sadie Holmes

Lionel, Andrew H and I took the trip to Racine Wisconsin last weekend to take on the sold out race. With over 2800 athletes racing last weekend, it sure made for one big, exciting day! Lionel, Lionels mom, Erin, Erin parents and I headed off for the long drive to Racine on Friday morning. We got in late that night, went out for dinner and crashed

racine team-1

Early the next morning we got in our short bike and runs before we headed over to the race site. We had heard some rumours about some chilly water temps( low 50’s) in Lake Michigan. Lionel and I figured we may as well test it out and embrace the brain freeze. It wasn't quite as bad as we had thought but it was still pretty chilly! (60ish degrees!) By the time we got through registration and a short swim we headed out for our pre race dinner and back to get things ready to race!

Race morning we were up just after 4. Lionel was as calm as could be, the jokes were flying and definitely helped calm the nerves on my end. Lionel went off in the first wave at 7, with Andrew heading off a few minutes later. Being in the “baby AG” I headed off 41 min later. The swim was 200m out, a right turn and then straight for about a mile. It was a bit deceiving! It felt like you were swimming forever and going no where. You couldn't see the swim exit until a couple hundred meters out because of the chop. Out of the water we had almost a 1km run to transition. Then off on our bikes!

The bike was pretty flat, a few rollers here and there. With 28 turns and some rough roads it made for an interesting ride! Lionel’s mom was crushing it out on the bike course as well as Andrew!! I wasn't sure where Lionel was on the bike but I figured we would cross paths at some point being some what of an out and back. Sure enough at about the 15k mark I saw the pros heading back in and Lionel was just catching onto the chase pack…absolutely FLYING! Definitely put a kick and some motivation in my step!

Out onto the run it was getting pretty warm, mid 30’s. It was a two loop course which was cool, just made for one busy run course! The streets where lined with locals and supporters. Some had sprinklers lined up at the end of their driveways to run through and some just standing there with hoses spraying people down. I had seen both Andrew and Becky (Lionels mom) out on the course, both looking strong. Crossing the line to hear that Lionel had won was pretty exciting. Andrew claiming a spot to worlds and Becky with almost a 1hr PB it was an awesome day for everyone!

We headed out for a quick lunch and we were back for awards. We then jumped in the car and Erin being the all time best support crew drove all the way back to Windsor. Then a quick vehicle change and Lionel drove back to Hamilton as Erin had to work at 7am on Monday!

racine team 2 1the end

Over all it was a great weekend!

Lionel- winner winner!!!
Andrew- 5th in his AG, and a world qualifier
Becky- 21st out of 100 and almost a 1hr PB!!
Sadie- 2nd in AG, 35 overall female
Erin- 1st place support crew member!