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nineteenwetsuitsJoin C3 for the popular Wednesday night open water swim series, brought to you by nineteen wetsuits.


C3 James Dick Quarry
17847 Hurontario St. (Hwy 10), Caledon
Located on the James Dick Concrete property on the East side of Hwy 10, 500m south of the Caledon Fair Grounds.
Look for the big red cement trucks in the parking lot.


Every Wed night starting May 28th - Aug 27th.
Gates open at 5pm and close at 7:45pm.


Warmup on your own.
Coached swim lesson included from 5:30pm - 6pm with a C3 High Performance Coach.
Swim races to begin at 6:15pm sharp.

Race Distance

Athletes will have the various nightly option of:

  • 400m
  • 1km
  • 2km
  • 4km **

All races will begin at the same time to give the participant the feeling of a triathlon race swim wave start.

** Because the quarry closes at 7:45pm, those who will need more than 90min to accomplish the 4km swim will be required to start swimming earlier to fit in their 4km swim within the program duration.

Course Layout

C3 has a very safe, warm, clean, retired sand quarry with swim buoys, lane ropes, docks, and experienced coaches to help you improve your swimming.

The swim buoys are laid out in a long rectangle formation for the 1km and 400m loops.

Swimmers will always be in sight of the life-guard(s) and will never be more than 125m from the shoreline. The quarry has no weeds, and is a warm, safe environment to swim regularly.


Parking will be 100m away from the quarry on the grassy hill looking down upon the swim quarry.

Extra Ammenities

There is one porta-john, change rooms, life-guards, music, and some draw prices at each weekly event. Currently, organizers are attempting to have a good truck come on Wed evenings that will provide nutrituous post-race food for purchase.


Wetsuits are encouraged for parts of the summer, particularly the first few weeks when the water is warming up.

C3 has a limited number of wetsuits that can be rented at $10.00 per night. Note there are limited suits and sizes (they are used to allow you to get a wetsuit experience and then if you enjoy it, purchase a wetsuit, preferably a great Nineteen Wetsuit.

Program Philosophy

C3 has created a fun, safe weekly open water swim experience for all ages and levels. Fitter people obviously will swim faster and/or longer, and the coaches and organization are motivated to help create an environment that will motivate everyone to swim more efficiently and more often.


Coming from the South, travel up Hwy 10 (Hurontario) likely coming up Hwy 410 or any combination.  The quarry is 12km north of King Side road on the East (right) side of the road. The address is 17847 HURONTARIO ST. (Hwy 10), CALEDON.  Located in the James Dick Concrete Property.  You will see a C3 Banner on the fence just before you pull in.

Those coming from the North will travel down through Caledon Village and the entrance is 500m south of the Caledon Fair Grounds Property.


This is included in your membership if you have one of the following memberships: Triathlon Full-Year, Triathlon Summer, and Quarry All Swims.

If you do not have one of these memberships, you have 3 options to pick from. C3 club coaches would encourage you to seriously consider option "A".

A)  Purchase one of the above mentoned memberships that include this.  The Quarry All Swims is a full summer of unlimited, 7x a week option for just $100.00.  This unlimited swim access (allowing you to swim at any of C3's seven swims a week (including the Wed Night Open Water Swim Series) is by far the most cost effective option and if you see swimming more than just Wed nights, should be your choice.

B) Wed Night Open Water Swim Series Only:  The $60.00 fee gives you access to all fourteen Wed nights from May 28th till Aug 27th.
It also includes a high quality Nineteen Swim Cap as part of your membership.

C)  Pay as you go $15.00 per Wed Night Swim.  Individuals pay as they go.

All payments to be made online on the C3 Membership Payment page.