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andrew japan 2

While the Rio 2016 Olympics may seem like a long time away, today was day one of the Olympic Qualifying points to help athletes and country's qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games. C3's Andrew Yorke had never raced in Japan before this weekend and after a great March (with a win in Sarasota and a silver in Clermont Florida) he raced in April Auckland before finalizing his preparation for today's Yokohama Japan World Triathlon Series Race.

The field in Japan was the toughest that has ever raced in Yokohoma's five year triathlon history with 65 men starting and another 40 men on a waiting list just to get a start in the first Olympic qualifying race. Three Canadian men started in Japan. Canadian men's team Captain and C3 Alumni Kyle Jones and Victoria's Andrew McCartney joined Andrew Yorke as the three men racing in Japan. All three men were hoping to use the event to start their qualifying points for Rio, along with using this as another opportunity to impress Triathlon Canada selectors for the 2014 Commonwealth Games that will occur later in July in Scotland. 

The Yokohama Race was also the first time in 2014 that the three Olympic men's medalist were in the same field (with Alistair Brownlee having been away with injuries through the early part of 2014). Andrew and Kyle exited the water in just over 18 minutes and got onto the bike in a chase pack of about 20 athletes. Their pack held a few of the strongest men in the world (Richard Murray of South Africa and Mario Mola). New Zealand's Tom Davision came out of the water behind the two Canadians and used his incredible cycling ability to eventually help the chase pack catch the Gomez-Brownlee lead group that was 30+ seconds up the road out of the water.

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