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The 2017 C3 Club Gear is ready for ordering!

The clothing committee has worked very hard for the past couple of months making this happen, so a big shout out to Heidi, Sue, Lisa, Joyce, and Barrie!

We have everything outlined below, so please read thoroughly and you’ll have all of the information to make your order process an easy one.


We have a new look for 2017!


We wanted to bring a bit of Canada and our 150th Birthday into the club kit this year, and for our members racing abroad to show their true colours; maple leafs as we have it. We have put together a wide range of cycling and triathlon gear, along with some running options. Sugoi has been great in offering us such a wide selection this year. Thank you Kevin and Adam at Sugoi!

For 2017, we have created a couple of options for each product to choose from. Due to member requests, we will also offer C3 Club Gear without any sponsor logos represented. We still highly suggest purchasing C3 Club Gear with the sponsor logos, as this is one of the best ways for us to give back to our great supporters.When you arrive at the Sugoi online store, you will notice up to three different versions of a specific product:

C3 - This will only be branded with the C3 logo.
Age Groupers - C3 branded and with sponsor logos.
High Performance - C3 branded and with sponsor logos, with added sponsor logos to the front chest and legs of the Tri Suits only.

Notice that on Personalized product, you can add you last name to the back of the tri suits & tri shorts, when adding to the shopping cart.



Try on the gear before you buy, at Caledon Hills Cycling until March 24th!

We currently have the Sugoi fitting samples at Caledon Hills Cycling for you to try on - this is the best way to ensure proper fit of the product you are about to order online.Please visit the store during regular store hours.


March 25th - Fitting at the Personal Best Studio from 8am - 12pm.

Please join us at the PB Studio for a spin, run, stretch, and while there, try on the Sugoi gear to ensure the best fit before ordering online.

For those not able to join us at the store, or at the PB Studio, Sugoi does offer a great sizing chart:


The store is now open until March 26th. On the 26th, the store will close, orders will be processed, and then delivered by mid May.

Due to the need to have race kits and gear available by mid May, we will have a short window for this 1st order. If you can’t get an order in by March 26th, don’t worry as we’ll re-open the store again in April for gear delivery in June. There will also be other chances to order through the rest of 2017.


You have 2 options when heading to the Sugoi Online Store for making a gear purchase:

1. C3 Free Shipping to Caledon Hills Cycling

Your order shipped to the Caledon Hills Cycling Store in Inglewood for FREE ~ you pick it up when you can.

2. C3 - Direct Drop Shipping

Your order shipped to any address in Canada for a $10 charge.

Once you arrive at the Sugoi online store, please double check whether you are on the selected choice. You will be asked to create an account during the checkout process. Please write this information down as you may need it on return to order more gear!

*If ordering via the Free Shipping to Caledon Hills Cycling, please use your own address for the Billing AND Shipping information - this is to verify your payment only - the order will be shipped to Caledon Hills.


Please note that Sugoi will offer warranty on any defective product, but we will not be able to accommodate exchanges or returns at this time. Caledon Hills Cycling is looking to purchasing some of the top movers in our gear and having them available at the store for exchanging, but we cannot promise anything at this time. Please take you time when making placing your order - check it twice!