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Frequently Asked Questions  

We’ve tried to pull together many of the questions we receive from people considering whether C3 is right for them or can help them achieve their training goals. We’ve listed them below:


1. I’m not an elite level triathlete. Is C3 for me?

Absolutely. The majority of our members join to improve their general level of fitness, and to learn the sport of triathlon or to improve in the individual sports of swimming, biking and running. We have members of all fitness levels and age groups and while many compete in triathlon’s or duathlon’s as age group athletes, others simply attend workouts for the group motivation, social atmosphere and access to coaching.

2. I’m not a triathlete. Can you join C3 to improve in only one sport?

Absolutely. We have coaches that can help you with each individual discipline and many of our members participate only in the workouts for the specific sports in which they are interested. For example, we have runners, cyclists and power walkers that only participate in those specific workout sessions and we offer membership options that fit your specific interest.

3. Workouts vary by season. When do the summer and winter sessions start?

The summer training sessions begin, weather permitting, in late April or early May each year. We inform you of the specific dates by e-mail and/or newsletter. The open water quarry swimming will not usually start until late May or early June as the water temperature takes a while to get to an acceptable range for swimming. If we experience warmer than expected weather conditions prior to May 1st, we may inform members via newsletter or e-mail, that a particular training session will take place outdoors rather than indoors.

The winter sessions will usually start in the mid-October timeframe and are dependent on the arrangements we make for indoor workouts with various facilities. Please check the Workouts page for updates.

4. Which workouts can kids participate in each week?

One of the primary purposes for the formation of the C3 club was to offer an environment in which young athletes could develop and have access to coaching. C3 offers youth membership and family membership programs. Parents must sign a waiver on behalf of their child and drop off and pick up their child for each work out. Youth participants also cannot participate in a work out if a C3 coach is not present. In general, we have youth participants in our running/power walking sessions and our group cycling sessions. We also have a roped in area specifically for youths in the Quarry in which we hold our open water swims sessions in the summer. Provided youth participants stay within the roped in area of the lake, they may also participate in these sessions. Please note that no lifeguard is present during open water swim sessions.

5. Do you have beginner programs or instruction for members?

Yes. Our goal is to help our members meet their fitness goals. Each workout session will include a C3 coach and they will work with you to help you learn and improve in the sport. The club also holds occasional clinics throughout the summer focused on specific topics of interest to members. For athletes looking for more dedicated coaching and programs, our head coach Barrie Shepley can discuss options for one on one training.

6. The variety of memberships and options seems confusing, how do the memberships work?

Each membership type is explained in more detail on the membership page however there are really four key factors to consider for a member:

  • What kind of membership do I need? Do I want an individual, youth or family membership for multiple household members?
  • Do I want a full year membership or just for the summer? You have the option of year round workouts or just the spring, summer and early autumn months.
  • Do I want to attend workouts throughout the week or just on weekends? We have the weekend warrior option for members that can’t participate in mid-week workouts.
  • What sports do I want to train in with C3? We offer full triathlon (all three sports) or individual options for walk/run, cycling and swimming.

Our membership options are organized on these four factors. If you need any help or have any questions, we are happy to help and you can e-mail the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

7. Your membership page mentions that a membership does not include OAT membership. What is OAT and why do I need it?

If you just plan to participate in C3 workouts, you do not require an OAT member as we have our own insurance. OAT is the Ontario Association of Triathletes (triathlonontario.com) and they act as the governing body for the sport of Triathlon in Ontario. They also provide insurance that covers both clubs and individuals while engaged in training and racing. Most of the Triathlon and Duathlon races conducted in Ontario each year require the participant to be a member of OAT or to purchase OAT insurance. If you are not a member you have an option of paying a single day fee for that specific race (approximately $6 per race). In 2009, C3 was an OAT sanctioned club and our memberships included a full OAT membership as well as C3 club membership. A full OAT membership is $50.00 per year for athletes 16 years of age or older on December 31, 2010 and $25.00 for those under 16 years of age. Since many of our members join for the weekly workouts and might only enter a few races per year it would be more cost effective for them to simply pay the one day OAT fee for each race rather than purchasing a full membership.

C3 decided for 2010 to purchase our own club insurance so that we did not require our members to pay the full $50.00 fee for an OAT membership. This allowed us to reduce our membership prices considerably and offer more flexibility to the membership. Our members that plan to enter races will have to purchase either the one day insurance option or a full OAT membership separately depending on how often they race.

8. What is C3 and what do they do?

C3 is a non-profit organization that that focuses on providing opportunities for people of all ages to engage in an active healthy lifestyle through multi-sport training. Through Barrie Shepley, our head coach and former Olympic Triathlon coach, we help people to meet their fitness goals. Some of the many activities and community events that C3 is focused on includes:

  • The C3 High Performance Team- Canada’s most successful high performance team is developed by Barrie Shepley and focuses on developing young athletes to compete at the national and international level primarily in the sport of Triathlon or Duathlon.
  • Annual Triathlon and Kids of Steel Triathlon- Now in its 10 th year, the Caledon C3 Kids of Steel and Adult triathlon attracts nearly 800 kids and adults each year.
  • C3 Running Festival- Each fall C3 organizes a running festival that in 2009 attracted more than 1000 kids. The festival includes the kids 1km run, a 5km run and longer 10 mile run.
  • Kids Triathlon Clinics- Each year C3 organizes and runs kids triathlon training clinics which are run in the spring to coincide with the C3 Kids KOS triathlon.
  • Kids Triathlon Summer Camp- The club also organizes a kids summer camp focused on triathlon training