Caron Shepley

A graduate of McMaster University where she received an honours degree in Physical education, Caron has practiced yoga for over 20 years.   She specializes in teaching yoga, fusion and core conditioning classes.  Drawing from her kinesiology background and several years as a Ironman triathlete, Caron has developed an athletic style of yoga and muscle conditioning which focuses on increasing strength, power and muscle balance. Caron's classes are attended by all sorts of people, from beginners to Olympic level.  Her most popular classes currently include aerial yoga and paddle board yoga.

Being married to a triathlon coach made it easy for Caron to get involved in the sport of triathlon.  However, when she met Barrie in 1986, she declared that she’d never do and Ironman.  After going to Hawaii and watching the Hawaii Ironman in 1993, she suddenly changed her mind and signed up for her first Ironman in 1994 - Ironman Canada.  She has gone on to complete 10 Ironmans/Iron Distance Triathlons and won a silver medal for Canada at the World Long Course Triathlon Championships in Nice, France.  These days Caron loves to participate in shorter distance races and enjoys supporting those that are preparing to get into long distance triathlon events.