We will have the final pictures up next week as the memorial bench honouring Patricia Lopez's inspiring life will be finished with the recognition plaque and spectacular bench. Located just 20m west of Airport Road on the rail trail, positioned between two beautiful trees, the bench will become a fixture for the start and end of C3 runs for decades to come.

We have a free 5k, 10k and 10 miler time trial planned for ALL C3 Members and friends on Sunday Nov 1st. We will start with the 10 milers and move down to the 5k. The entire run will be on the pancake flat, nice to run on soft-rail trail. Out and back starting and ending at Patricia's bench. Coach Barrie will put turn around signs at 2.5km (5k run) and 5k (10k run) and 5 mile (10 mile run). There will be water at the 5k turn around (to accommodate the 10k and 10 mile runners (5k runners won't have a water station). We are happy to have walkers and absolute novices as well.

No cost, please Register Below so we can plan for proper social distancing.

FUN RUN START TIMES - November 1st:

  • 10 miler at 9am
  • 10km run or 5km walkers at 9:35am
  • 5km run at 10am

No costs, all runs begin and end at Patricia's bench located 20m west of Airport Road on the rail trail. Coach Barrie will be timing all. We all need a goal / fall assessment. Pick one oft 3 distances and plan to join us on Nov 1st.

Please register so we can plan for proper COVID-19 social distancing

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