C3 October-December Programs

These programs cover October 1st through December 31st

To purchase individual workouts online, click: Purchase Individual Workouts


This program includes unlimited access to all C3 workouts, including outdoor bike (as long as we can), indoor bike, run, dryland and pool workouts.

  • Unlimited access to all workouts
  • C3 Discount at Caledon Hills Cycling (plus other discounts)
  • Triathlon Ontario Discount


This program includes unlimited access to all C3 pool workouts.

  • Unlimited access to all swim workouts
  • C3 Discount at Caledon Hills Cycling
  • Triathlon Ontario Discount


This program gives you full access to Sunday and Tuesday coached workouts with C3. Enhance your running while training with your teammates in one of Canada’s great endurance clubs.


Individual $60 +HST
Family (up to 6 people ) $99 +HST
Student $40 +HST

The Aug-Sept quarry package gives unlimited access to the C3 James Dick Quarry any time the quarry is open. 

  • 2 months of all quarry swims (Aug-Sept) - some with coach support
  • Triathlon Ontario Discount


The C3 Associate membership has a number of purposes. First as a low priced membership for those who want to support the club, but may not be available or able to train very often due to health issues or where you live. The second purpose of the membership is to create a fun Sunday social membership for participants to come walk, hike, run with the club and then socialize after at a nearby restaurant. The membership gives weekly newsletter (to keep you informed) as well as discounts and the free Sunday run – walk – hike option.


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