For the next 2 weeks, you have a 10% discount coupon (C310)  on all you purchase up to March 5th.  The sooner you order your stuff right now, they immediately start the clothing order and send it. So you don't have to wait till March 4th to book. Order stuff now.   

A few notes.  You can order products from either the High-Performance link or the Age Group Link. If there is a product in either area that you like, you are able to purchase it.   Also note for the great hats, they are made by a different company (BOCA) who have a relationship with Champion Systems.  The hats are great. If you want one, order it, and we will have you make the payment for the hat (only) on the C3 website.  All other products are ordered and paid online, and they will be shipped to you.  The sooner you order, the faster they will ship it to you directly (Champion System does not wait till Mar 4th to make the order, they start producing your products as soon as you order them).  So there is NO TIME like the present. 

Here are the links and notes from our reps at Champion System. 

Note the CODE is C310
When accessing the store be sure to change the currency to Canadian Dollars at the top of the page.  Assuming we are all Canadians ordering this product please make sure you change currency to Canadian Dollars!  This will ensure your credit card is charged in Canadian Dollars.
Your items will ship directly to your home. Typical delivery time is 4.5-5 weeks from purchase time.  Members can save 10% by using the code C310 upon checkout until March 5th.
If you would like to request any items that are currently not included in the store or have any other questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our limited addition C3 Boco Running Trucker Cap is available.  Quantities are limited, so purchase soon!
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