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10% Discount on all orders placed before Feb 28th. 
The sooner right now, they immediately start the clothing order and send it. Order your club gear now.   

A few notes.  You can order products from either the High-Performance link or the Age Group Link. If there is a product in either area that you like, you are able to purchase it. All other products are ordered and paid online, and they will be shipped to you.  The sooner you order, the faster they will ship it to you directly.  So there is NO TIME like the present.
When accessing the store be sure to the currency is set to Canadian Dollars at the top of the page.
Shipping is calculated on the Sub Total as:

$0-99 : $19.95
$100 – 249 : $12.95
$249 +: Free Shipping

Your items will ship directly to your home. The typical delivery time is 4.5-5 weeks from purchase time.

The online stores can be accessed 24x7 here:

C3 High-Performance Team   

C3 Canadian Cross Training Club  

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