C3 Four week Covid Fitness Challenge

You have 3 levels of success you can achieve over the four weeks:

🥇 Gold 

🥈 Silver

🥉 Bronze

Finish in gold, silver or bronze and you get a free, C3 buff as a participation prize. Each week we will randomly draw one name for a C3 prize. The top 5 highest scoring people at the end of the four weeks will get an additional C3 prize.
The contest is four consecutive weeks starting Wed April 21st till Tue May 18th:
  1. Week one is Wed April 21st to Tue April 27th
  2. Week two is Wed April 28th to Tue May 4th
  3. Week three is Wed May 5th to Tue May 11th
  4. Week four is Wed May 12th to Tue May 18th
Your points are scored in each 7-day block.

How do you get your free c3 Buff?

  1. You must do a minimum of 5 workouts in the 7 days
  2. Do 5 workouts and the week counts as one of your scoring weeks.
  3. Get 2 weeks of 5 or more workouts  and get the bronze Buff
  4. Get 3 weeks of 5 or more workouts and get the silver Buff
  5. Get 5 or more workouts in all four weeks and get the Gold Buff.

What counts as a workout? 

  1. Power walk 45 minutes or more non-stop
  2. Do any of the pre-taped PB core-fitness workouts.  Each video counts as a workout.
  3. Do any of the live PB zoom workouts each week.  Each video counts as a workout.
  4. Do any of the C3 online bike workouts with Kristen, Chris or Garrett. Each counts as a workout.
  5. Run inside or outside for 45 minutes or more.  Each run > 45min counts as a workout.
  6. Bike inside or outside for 60 minutes or more.  Each bike > 60 minutes counts as a workout.
  7. Swim or row for 30 minutes plus.  Each swim or row > 30 minutes counts as a workout.
You can see we have given you many options, online live, online, or on your own to pick your
five weekly workouts.  You only have to get 5 workouts in to make that week count towards your free C3 Buff.

Weekly and overall scoring awards,  

Note you don’t have to keep track of this unless you want to be in the rankings.
In addition to getting your C3 Buff for doing a minimum of 5 workouts a week, we have additional prizes
for the extra motivated who want to push a bit harder.   Here is how it works.
  1. 3 points for every minute you run in the week (indoors or outdoors)
  2. 1 point for every minute you walk or hike in the week
  3. 2 points for every minute you bike during the week (indoors or outdoors)
  4. 4 points for every minute you swim or row in the week
  5. 200  points for each live PB zoom fitness class in the week
  6. 150 points for each pre-taped PB fitness class in the week

Next Steps and how it works

  1. You have to register below (free) so we know you are in the contest
  2. Once you are registered, you are officially in the event.
  3. We will send you a weekly newsletter each Tuesday for four weeks prior to the start of the Wed-Tue weekly block.  The newsletter will include all the links for zoom, pre-taped workouts and reminders of the time that online bikes will be occurring.  
  4. More than one person in your house can be in the contest But each person must register so we have a unique email address and name.
  5. The contest goes until Tue May 18th
  6. Buffs will be mailed out after the contest ends.
  7. It is your responsibility to email back to C3 after each week to remain in the contest and get your buff and prizes. We will trust each person has done the workouts they have reported. 

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